Wind Damage Insurance Claim Charleston, IL

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Wind Damage Claim:

During a windstorm, wind gusts can cause extreme damage. The damage from these storms can create damage to doors, windows, and the exterior of your home or business. We at Stewart Public Adjusting represent residential and commercial policyholders when claims for wind damages are denied, underpaid, or even delayed. When this happens to a client, it can cause a life altering crisis for the policyholder. When you have experienced this type of damage to your home or business it leaves you with a feeling of despair, and not knowing what steps to take next can cause you a lot of anxiety. You hope your insurance company will come through for you since you have paid your premiums on your insurance, however you will soon learn that you have now become a liability rather than an asset to your insurance company. The cost of the repairs that will now be needed on your home or business will more than likely exceed the premiums that you have paid or will continue to pay in the future.

Because there is that fine print in your policy, some homeowners are not exactly sure what their coverage is, therefore is it necessary to have a professional claims adjuster help you and protect you. You might say something to your insurance company’s adjuster without realizing if you are damaging your claim or not. This is where we can step in and help you. Let us take that burden off of your shoulders of having to deal with the insurance company when it comes to your claim. We work our best to generate a higher settlement from the insurance company for you, and allow you to remain focused on other issues at hand rather than dealing with your wind damage claim on your own.

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