Fire Damage Insurance Claim Charleston, IL

Fire Damage Claim

Fire Damage Claim:

Fire damage restoration is extremely expensive and can be a very involved process. Without assistance from Stewart Public Adjusting some coverage might be overlooked. Structural integrity, the contents within your home or business could be missed, which would lead to a long and drawn out settlement. When you involve us to represent you, your process becomes expedited more quickly, allowing the startup of your restoration and reconstruction to begin in a much quicker fashion. An insurance company adjuster is concerned with making sure the insurance company does not have to pay any more than what they necessarily have to. This is why it is so important for you to have a public adjuster represent you.

Stewart Public Adjusting will help you provide a sworn statement on your losses to the insurance company regarding your claim. This is a sworn document, along with your testimony to the insurance company showing them what you are claiming as your losses. If your insurance company becomes suspicious about your claim, such as the reason for your loss, or the amount of your loss, they will fight to not pay your claim. The importance of a representative from our company is necessary as we do not want to see any delays in your claims, and want to make sure you get the most out of your settlement. As a public adjuster, we work exclusively for the policyholder. We do not work for the insurance companies. By working strictly for the policyholder, there is no conflict of interest while being an advocate on your behalf to the insurance company.

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